What is a Wheelchair Lift?

A wheelchair lift moves the person in a wheelchair from floor to floor in your home.  Just as with stairlifts, there are reputable businesses available to install wheelchair lifts in your home.

Especially for those who desire independence in their homes, these lifts can give that independence and help the user be able to continue living in the home you enjoy as opposed to moving to another place that does not have stairs.  These wheelchair lifts can now be installed in you home quickly and easily by well-trained installers.

How do they Work?

Most wheelchair lifts designed for home use are installed by removing an appropriate section of ceiling so that the lift can move up and down between the main level and the upper story or vice versa.  There are some wheelchair lifts that can be mounted on your staircase but the staircase must be wide enough to accommodate the larger lift.

How Long does it take to Install a Wheelchair Lift?

This relatively easy process can be completed in a short amount of time, usually two days for installations that are quite simple to a little longer for more complex installations.  The project is managed by well-trained installers.

How much does it cost?

The costs vary on the installation of a wheelchair lift.  A survey will have to be made of your home and its underlying structure to determine the best placement for safety in using the lift.