What is the value of my stairlift?

A used stairlift is hard to place a value on.  The first consideration is whether or not the lift is for a straight staircase or a curved or angled staircase.  A used stairlift for a straight staircase is probably proportionally of more value than is a used curved or angled stairlift.  Because stairlifts are not one size fits all, and because most straight staircases are of about the same measurements, there is a greater possibility that you can find a match for your used stairlift if it is for a straight staircase.

There are several internet markets where it might be feasible to sell your stairlift.  Criagslist is a free list and therefore probably the first place on your list to try to sell the lift.  If you don’t find a buyer through Craigslist, you might try Ebay.  If you decide to try to sell on Ebay, be sure to give a great description and good pictures so that the buyer can view what he or she is buying.  The difficulty with Ebay is shipping costs.  You might offer to pick up the shipping costs for the customer or you may consider offering it for pick up only.

Trying to sell a stairlift that is used might be pretty difficult in rural areas.  If there is a larger city nearby, you might consider contacting the stairlift companies in that area and asking if they take used stairlifts on a consignment basis.

Donating the stairlift is also an option.  This option will not give you any dollars for your pocket but it will give you a tax deduction. Knowing that someone who needs it is using it will be a benefit, as well.