10 Easy Steps to Consider When Buying a Stairlift

As you stop to think about whether a stairlift will be useful in your own situation, you might ask yourself the following questions:

1.  Does the person(s) who will use the stairlift have the capability of getting into and out of the swivel seat on the stairlift?

2.  Does the width of your stairs allow enough room to properly mount the track and use the equipment?

3.  Do I need a curved or angled stairlift or a straight one?

4.  Which manufacturers have the best lift for my needs?

5.  Which stairlift is suits the height and weight of the stairlift user?  Which stairlift best fits the width of my stairs?

6.  Should I install the lift myself or have it professionally installed?

7.  What price options do I have from stairlift companies in my area or even over the internet?

8.  Does the installer in my area have a reputation for excellent work?

9.  When can I schedule the installation of my stairlift?

10.  Does the technician installing my stairlift take time to properly explain the features of the stairlift?  Will he or she discuss maintenance issues with me?