Stairlifts for Those who Need to Stand

For those who desire to be able to live in every part of their home again, including the upper story, stairlifts are great additions to your home.  However, a chair lift may not be the best option for those who have difficulty bending because of hurting knees or hips.

For those customers, you might consider what is known as the platform lift or the perch lift.  This is for those who have difficulty walking up or down stairs but who need to access the upper or lower levels of their home.

Two companies, Meditek and Acorn, have perch lifts that also have an offer an additional folding seat.  Sometimes the need to sit may be important despite the pain it may bring.

The weight limit is the biggest drawback for perch lifts.  Most of these systems have a weight limit of 220 lbs.

Another drawback for perch lifts is the cost.  They generally cost about two times the price of a stairlift.

The selection of standard stairlifts is larger than the selection for perch lifts.  However, for those who have need for this system, it is available.