Buying Tips for the Stairlift User

The first thing to check when buying a new stairlift is the salesperson’s familiarity with the products he or she is selling.  If the representative knows about the products, it will greatly increase the trust you can put in the products being offered.  He or she should also know enough about the products of the specific manufacturer to know whether the products being offered will fit your particular needs.

Ask for a company brochure and testimonials about the company.  Find out how long they have been in business.  Ask how long it will take, given the basic measurements you have, to receive and have the stairlift installed.  You will particularly want to know what kind of warranty the company offers and whether or not it is possible to turn the warranty into a service agreement after the warranty ends.

Look on the internet and call some of their customers to find out if they have received any negative reviews either about equipment, installation, or repair.

For those who wish to buy a second hand stairlift, there are some other questions you will need to consider.  How old is the stairlift?  Are parts still available for the model you will be purchasing?  Is there still a warranty on the stairlift?  Can you get a maintenance agreement on it?  While it is possible that there might be a second hand stairlift for your staircase if it is curved or angled, it is not likely that you will find one with the correct measurements to meet your need.

Guidelines for Purchasing Second-Hand Stairlifts

With the advent of Craigslist, Ebay, and other similar online sights, you have more chance of actually purchasing a second-hand stairlift that will fit your needs and your staircase.  Be sure, however, that whatever you purchase has all its original parts and that parts can still be found for it.

The difficulties that surround purchasing, installing, and maintaining a second-hand stairlift should be something that you meticulously research before the actual purchase takes place.  Getting someone to properly install the second-hand system may be a difficulty since most technicians that know anything about stairlifts already work for a stairlift company.  And they may not know how to properly install another company’s lift.

Because of safety and liability issues, you should only purchase a second-hand lift that has all of its maintenance records available and that is in excellent condition.  If the ad says anything about any mechanical or maintenance issue, steer very clear of that lift.  If you cannot get parts for the lift, again, steer clear of that lift.

Many companies actually have lifts that they have purchased back from customers and reconditioned.  While these may be a bit more expensive than you would pay on Craigslist or Ebay, they will be less expensive than new and you will know that they have been properly reconditioned.  These companies should be able to give a good history of the lift because they have removed it from its original house and checked it out in their factory.

How can I Sell my Stairlift?

Probably to avoid any liability on your part, if you want to sell your stairlift, it might be best to contact those companies that purchase used stairlifts and ask them to quote you a price for proper removal, reconditioning, and reselling your unit.  Because of the specialized market pertaining to stairlifts, they can most likely quote you a fair price and keep you free of any liability for selling a product that was not well-maintained.