Safety Sensors for Stairlifts

Stairlifts present certain safety issues that need to be addressed before making your final choice among the stairlifts available.  Manufacturers realize these safety issues are important and have equipped their lifts with sensors that find obstacles that may be in the path of the chair as it moves up or down the stairlift.  When these sensors find an obstacle, they immediately bring the chair to a smooth stop until the obstacle can be removed.

Safety sensors can be mounted in a myriad of places on the stairlift.  Normally, you will find that they have been placed under the footrest and/or under the chair itself. This allows the sensors to find obstructions and bring the chair to a smooth stop before the chair can be broken or injury can be done to a child or pet.  The most common hazards tend to be pets that run onto the stairway or children running up and down the staircase.  Sometimes, objects can fall onto the staircase from the landing above making for a potential hazard.

One other problem that might occur is when a foot slips off the footrest.  These safety sensors can also stop the chair in this situation so that the foot does not get entangled in the chair, the rail, or the stairs.

These safety measures taken by manufacturers of stairlifts are put in place for your safety and the safety of those with whom you share your home.