Researching the Stairlift Manufacturers

Right now, there are several manufacturers of stairlifts that service and supply the United States/North America with stairlifts.  Some of the same companies also operate in the UK.  Each of these companies offer several different models and some offer models that the consumer can install on their own.

Between all these companies, there is a good variety of stairlift models offered to consumers.  Among the manufacturers you will find Savaria, Acorn, Access, Summit, Brooks, and others that will offer quality products for your use.

In order to select the manufacturer that will best help you, you need to figure out exactly what you need and find out which company has models that fit your particular need.  Some of these needs will have to do with the weight and height of the user, how smooth the ride is on the lift, how much room you have at the top and bottom of the stairs for the foldable chair, as well as consideration for other specified physical needs of the user.

You might also want to consider a company that has local installers who can quickly answer your calls for service.  You might also ask how soon they can install your chosen model.  Finding a great model stairlift does no good if you can’t get it installed in a timely manner.

Finding a Stairlift Installer who has a Good Reputation

There are four main ways a person can find out about stairlifts:

The Internet

The phone book

Contacting manufacturers

Referrals from someone who already has a stairlift

There are several pros and cons to each of these methods.

Probably the best source for information is people who already have and use stairlifts.  They can tell you what problems they have had with their lift and why they chose the lift they have.  They can also tell you about how good the warranty is and how often they have had to call for a maintenance issue.

The next best sources are probably the internet and the phone book.  The phone book can give you the number of retailers in the area who can sell and install stairlifts and the internet can give a list and possible synopsis of the models each company has available.  However, remember that they want your business and so might be willing to tell you what you want to hear.  Also, the company with the best ad may not always be the best company for you.

Calling the manufacturer direct may help you gather some information but you need to be careful that you thoroughly research the data to make sure you have the best unit for your needs, not simply the best unit they have available.  The two ideas are not always compatible.

Be sure to consider some basic questions when you begin looking for a stairlift manufacturer and dealer:

1.  Try to find out if they have qualified installers and great customer service.  This is sometimes difficult but it will be worth your time to try and get the information.

2.  Compare prices diligently.  Remember that curved and angled stairways are more customized and therefore the stairlifts for those are more costly.  Be sure you are not comparing straight stairlifts to curved ones and vice versa.

3.  Do your homework to the best of your ability and hope that you get the same great service that others have gotten on their stairlifts.  While no one in this economy can predict whether a company will still be in business in three years or not, by interviewing people who have the stairlifts, you will get a feel for the integrity of the company you choose and hopefully, by that, its longevity.