Easystep Stairlift Rental

For those who need the flexibility of a rented stairlift, Easystep Stairlifts provides rental units throughout the UK for your needs.  Even when you hire the lift for a certain amount of time, if you find that you will need it for longer, they will be happy to extend your contract and payment terms.

While some know they will need the stairlift for several years, others know that they will only need the lift for a specified amount of time due to the amount of time guests will be in their home.  Renting a stairlift provides these homeowners with peace of mind that they can offer their guests this safety and convenience.

Another plus with hiring the stairlift is that the company maintains it for you.  When you buy a lift and have it installed in your home, you are responsible for its maintenance. However, with a rented stairlift, the maintenance and upkeep responsibilities will remain with Easystep Stairlifts.

Easystep Stairlifts is located in the United Kingdom and they are an independent contractor for lift rental.  Because offices are located in many places in the UK, those who rent from Easystep know that they may select from a wide range of models and choices; this is one of the many conveniences the purchaser has when renting from Easystep.  They have chair lifts as well as standing lifts for your convenience.  Also, you will find refurbished lifts at Easystep for a great price.

Easystep Stairlifts’ trained technicians will install your lift in just a few days from your rental date.  Besides the choice of new models to deluxe models or standard models, you will be able to get a straight lift or a one designed to fit the curved or angled stairway.  Just let them know what you need and they will be able to look up their inventory and find a way to meet your stairlift needs.

Installation prices start at about 350.00 £.  This fee will cover fitting the rail to your stairs and the removal of the unit when you are finished with it.   Monthly rental starts at approximately 40 £.  These are considered some of the best rates available in the UK with flexible terms.  If you want to by a reconditioned lift, you may also obtain these stairlifts from Easystep.

Easystep strives to meet all your stairlift needs with swivel seats, AC and DC powered lifts, and long lasting rechargeable batteries.  For all your temporary needs, consider hiring a stairlift from Easystep Stairlifts; they provide service and satisfaction you can count on.