Maintenance Tips for Stairlifts

While you always need to read the owner’s manual when you receive a piece of machinery for your home, you may find a few quick tips here for general maintenance on you stairlift.  The owner’s manual will specifically make you aware of the maintenance you are able to perform on your own without voiding the warranty and how often you should expect to receive maintenance on your stairlift.

Batteries and movable parts on your stairlift will probably be the parts that need the most care.  Movable parts on any machine always receive the most abuse but if you keep them maintained, you should have no problem keeping them in good shape and making them last a long time.  On a stairlift, the swivel seat and the track itself should be examined frequently for needed repairs.

The track needs to be lubricated once every few months.  Before attempting maintenance on the track, remove the key to make sure that the track is disabled.  Thoroughly clean the track with a dampened cloth to make sure dust, pet hair, etc., is removed from the track.  Once the track is clean, lubricate it with an approved lubricant for stairlifts and for outdoor tracks, you can even use petroleum jelly.

Look closely at the wheels.  If the wheel does not turn easily on the track, it will need to be replaced.

The seats that swivel need to be examined to make sure no parts are broken.  The swivel mechanism also needs to be oiled a couple of times a year.

If you have a stairlift with trailing cables, inspect them for cracks and other problems when you do your other preventative maintenance work.  Basic body powder can be used for these types of cables.  On those tracks located outdoors, you may use silicon spray.

The owner’s manual will typically give a life span for the battery used by your stairlift system.  Be sure to replace the battery once a year or once every two years, depending on how much your lift is used.

Make sure the screws and bolts holding the seat to the track and the track to the stairs are secure.

Preventative maintenance on your stairlift will keep it in great working order for many years and cut down on the number of maintenance calls you will need to make.