The Levant Stairlift

The Levant stairlift is a model of lift offered by the ThyssenKrupp Company.  These stairlifts are available in various countries around the world.  These are the some of the parts of the stairlift that you should make sure you understand as you purchase the Levant model.

The features for the Levant model chair include an ergonomically engineered seat to fit your body.  It is spacious, wide, and fully padded giving the user a sense of comfort as they sit on the stairlift.  The chair is made to fold up after each use so that others may freely use the stairway.  Whatever color scheme you choose will carry throughout the chair, drive, and legs so that it will not clash with the décor of your home.  One other important feature is that the chair padding is made to resist fire.  Depending on your needs, you will need to be aware that the chair is capable of carrying 300 lbs.

A seat belt is also one of the features of the Levant model.  It is included and it is important that the user know how to work this simple and secure feature of the lift.  There are also extenders available for the seat belt should you need them.

The person using the stairlift can control the position of the chair by means of a swivel handle.  Being able to move the chair around keeps the user from having to twist and turn their body to be able to get into the chair.  This is a great feature for those who suffer from arthritis or other painful joint and muscle problems.

The footrest on the Levant model is wide, allowing for comfortable placement of the feet on the footrest.  The safety feature of this model is that the sensor rope runs around the footrest so that should an object be encountered on the stairway, the chair stops smoothly and efficiently, allowing the object to be removed from the stairs before the chair moves again.  The dark gray color of the footrest allows the footrest to be used for long periods of time before stains begin to show on the device.

The drive on the stairlift fits comfortably with the size of the chair let and the seat.  These sleek models enhance the beauty of your home rather than calling attention to the machinery that is, of necessity, part of the stairlift.  The Levant model also features remote control and an on/off switch for the lift.

The battery pack for the Levant model is well known for its lasting power.  It has one of the longest life spans in the industry.

The aluminum rail on the Levant stairlift is easy to clean because of the anodized aluminum and its slim design.

The ETL and CE standards of safety are met in the Levant stairlift giving you peace of mind about the safety of your household members who need to use the lift.

One additional feature is the hold button on the Levant model.  In case of emergency, the user may press the hold button if they need to stop the lift.